Kitchen Table Tuesday – Chili Lime Nuts

I made these “spicy nuts” for a tailgating party last weekend. I was a bit worried they’d be too spicy but they were a real hit!


Nuts are a good source of protein and hypothyroidism suffers can really benefit from adding Brazilian nuts to their diet. Brazilian nuts contain selenium which is vitamin that helps promote thyroid function so I plan on adding those into the recipe next time.

Note: I did not “soak the nuts” like the recipe calls for. Just didn’t have the time… and just didn’t have the desire to work that hard.

Verdict: Two thumbs up. If you’re looking for a zesty snack, I would definitely recommend making these.

Get the recipe here. Or buy Against All Grain the cookbook (I lovelovelove her recipes):

Or follow Paleo recipes (and some other cool stuff) on my Pinterest boards.

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